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Five ways to promote ZeeFi’s payment plans to your students

25 October 2022

4 mins read

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In the age of information overload, it can be difficult for education providers to determine the best ways to educate students and potential students about their ZeeFi payment options. Here, we offer our best practice guidelines for integrating ZeeFi’s student payment plans into your marketing efforts to build awareness and grow enrolments.


1. Introduce ZeeFi

Most students don’t know the name ZeeFi until they learn about us through their education provider, so take a moment to introduce us. It’s important to set up a clear, insightful webpage with the right amount of information. A strong and informative web presence allows students to self-serve, and also takes the strain off your administrative and customer service resources.


We recommend using language that clearly highlights that ZeeFi is a third party, but one with a strong alliance to the education industry and your institution. For example:


We have partnered with ZeeFi, Australia’s fintech partner to the education sector, committed to providing students affordable payment plans to enable better access to quality education.


2. List individual products, and explain them clearly

Although it’s helpful to introduce ZeeFi as a brand, be sure to list the specific products you offer to students, and explain them clearly. We encourage education providers to use our copy to help. For example:


Study Now Pay Later

Study Now Pay Later removes the financial barrier to enable you to access quality education. Available for courses valued between $2,001 to $20,000, this flexible, interest-free payment plan allows you to focus on studying first and paying later.

Here’s what you get:

  • Stress free funding – You get to study now and pay-off your course with fixed, interest free repayments over time and low monthly fees.
  • Fast approval – If everything is supplied upfront, your application can be approved in minutes.
  • Simple solutions – Submitting your application is fast and simple and it’s fully online.


You can find the rest of our product copy samples here.


3. Provide lots of information (in digestible ways)

It’s important to make as much information available as possible, without creating overwhelm. Students will have plenty of questions when learning about payment plans, and the more information you can provide, the more a student can answer their own questions.


We recommend providing information about eligibility upfront so that students can self-filter. For example, you might include copy such as:

Who can apply?

  • Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Employed full-time or part-time for a minimum of six months prior to application
  • Can demonstrate a capacity to service the payment plan
  • 18 years of age or older


Providing information on the application process can also help take students to the next step faster (and be more prepared). For example:

What do I need to apply?

  • Medicare Card
  • Passport or Driving Licence
  • Employment Details
  • Income & Expenses Details
  • Bank Details


You can add a link to ZeeFi’s student product page(s) if you’d like to give your students access to the estimated monthly repayment calculators or answers to FAQs.

Product pages
Study Now Pay Later
Payment Assist
Vocational Loans


We also recommend adding the unique application link created specifically for your organisation at the time of onboarding that allows your students to apply for our finance solutions.


In addition, consider hosting online or in-person information sessions for students to learn more and have their questions answered.


4. Integrate ZeeFi into existing channels and campaigns

In our experience, the education providers who drive the most enrolments with ZeeFi take a holistic approach to marketing. They make ZeeFi’s payment plans a key part of their institution’s brand narrative and include it across channels and campaigns. The more students become familiar with the ZeeFi name and products in the context of their education provider, the more they can build awareness of and trust in their payment options.

Social media

Highlight ZeeFi’s financing options on your social channels using the social media assets readily available on the Partner Resources page to educate students about the benefits of using ZeeFi’s payment options (or, feel free to create your own!). You can even include your partnership with ZeeFi on your social media bio.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective and personalised way to communicate with students. You can email students about the financing solutions offered by ZeeFi and educate them on how these payment options can help students overcome financial barriers. This kind of communication helps to deepen your relationship with potential students and generate more enrolments. You could even suggest that students reply to emails with questions.

Flyers and brochures

We have a large range of student flyers and brochures available on our Partner Resources page. You can print and distribute these flyers on Open Days or use the digital versions in your email and social marketing.


5. Educate students about educational debt

Many students are hesitant about taking on credits or loans. We call this debt-averseness, and it’s a common phenomenon (and not just among students). And it’s not unjustified: everyone knows someone who has been affected by debt (usually due to unscrupulous loan providers who let through unqualified customers).


When talking about ZeeFi’s payment options to students, we encourage you to talk to students about the responsibilities of taking on a credit facility, and the risks of failing to meet these responsibilities. And just like it’s difficult to believe a salesperson who only talks about benefits, openly discussing both the pros and cons of payment plans can actually help to foster greater trust in your students.


At ZeeFi, we are committed to responsible lending, ongoing education on finance and its impact on credit scores, and to offering tailored financial hardship and customer vulnerability solutions.


In everything we do, we aim to reflect the values of the education providers we serve. A good experience with us reflects well on our education partners’ brands, and in turn, they enjoy higher student retention rates and, as a result, reliable cash flow.


Education, education, education

As education providers know well, it all comes down to education. At ZeeFi, we’re passionate about helping education providers educate students on the opportunities and responsibilities of taking on student financing. The more present we can be and the more questions we can answer, the better your enrolments will be. And beyond growing enrolments, proper education around credits and financial literacy means that students who do take on payment plans are able to meet their repayments and are far more likely to actually stay enrolled. And that’s a win for everyone.


Looking for a student finance partner?

Talk to ZeeFi about our tailor-made payment solutions for education providers. We’re passionate about helping education providers unlock capital for increased enrolments, and removing financial barriers so every student can reach their full potential, without the wait.