Credit Guide

About this Credit Guide

Welcome to Nimble Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 91 135 501 807, Australian Credit Licence 386010) trading as ZeeFi. This credit guide sets out important information we need to give you under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP). When you have a ZeeFi facility, your credit provider is ZeeFi. You can contact us on 1800 324 909, or through our contact details below.

We will not make an unsuitable credit contract with you

We will not enter a credit contract with you or increase your credit limit under an existing contract if the credit or increase is unsuitable for you. A credit contract is “unsuitable” for you if it doesn’t meet your stated requirements and objectives if you are unlikely to be able to meet the repayments or if the repayment obligations may cause you substantial hardship.

We will make an assessment

To assess that a credit contract or credit limit increase is not unsuitable for you, we are required by the NCCP to conduct a “suitability assessment”. To do this, we must make reasonable inquiries about your requirements and objectives, your financial situation and verify your financial situation.

You may request us to give you a copy of our assessment without charge before we enter a credit contract with you, permit a credit increase or within 7 years of the date the credit contract is made. We are not required to give you a copy if your credit facility does not go ahead.

After receiving your request, we must give you a copy of your assessment:

1) if you ask before the loan is made or credit increased: before you sign the contract.

2) if you ask within 2 years of the loan contract date: within 7 business days; and

3) if you ask after 2 years of the loan contract date: within 21 business days.

Our internal dispute resolution scheme

We hope you are completely satisfied with our services. However, if you have a complaint about our service or your credit facility, you should firstly notify us by contacting our Complaints Manager by telephone, email or in writing to:

Phone: 1800 324 909

Email: support@zeefi.io  

Mail: ZeeFi, PO Box 3592, Australia Fair, QLD 4215, Australia

If you’re writing to us, remember to include your credit contract details and contact information. We will acknowledge the receipt of your complaint or dispute, and will address it promptly, and in accordance with its degree or urgency. We will try to resolve your complaint and provide you with a response as soon as possible. In any event, we will provide you with a written response within 21 days. We are not required to write to you if we resolve your dispute within 5 days.

Our external dispute resolution scheme

If your complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction by us, or within 21 days, you have the right to refer the matter to our external dispute resolution provider, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) by contacting them on:

Phone: 1800 324 909

Web: www.afca.org.au/

Quote our membership number: 45900

AFCA’s service is an impartial, independent, and free external dispute resolution service to resolve disputes.  You can obtain further details about our internal dispute resolution procedures and obtain details of our privacy policy by visiting our Web site www.zeefi.io  or by giving us a call on 1800 324 909.

If you have any questions about this Credit Guide or anything else about our services, just ask at any time. We’re here to help you.