Manual Bank Statements Submission

If you have trouble linking your bank statements via Illion and/or the email link sent out in the application – you will need to contact your bank to obtain an official Bank Statements Record.

If you’re not comfortable submitting your bank statements via Illion, you can send us a downloaded PDF copy of your bank statements to applications@zeefi.io. Please note that this will delay the application process. Kindly refer to the following requirements for manual bank statements submission:

  • Bank statements for all accounts showing the past 90 days of transactions. For example, if you have 2 x Westpac accounts (savings and transaction) and 4 x ANZ accounts (savings, mortgage, personal loan and transaction), you’ll need to provide us 6 x bank account statements.
  • Statements must be recent. It can’t be dated more than 30 days from the date we receive the bank statements.
  • Statements must be an official PDF bank statement generated/downloaded from the bank. We can’t accept fax or scanned copies.


To make this easier we’ve outlined the steps to download a PDF copy of your bank statements.